Debt & Wealth Coach Entrepreneurship PACKAGE


Debt & Wealth Coach Entrepreneurship Course

Debt & Wealth Coach COMPLETE PACKAGE



(Currently discounted with promotional pricing during our open-enrollment period (October-December 2021).  This pricing is intended to help people economically affected by COVID, empowering them to develop alternative, supplemental income sources).

Start your own business coaching others in financial literacy. 
This course is part of The Prosperity Solutions Group’s® certification program of becoming a Facilitator or Coach.  Once you have successfully completed this course, you will have a mastery of the information needed to effectively coach people to financial success within the PSG system, including debt-payoff planning, retirement savings, entrepreneurship venture exploration, and wealth-building.

What’s Included in our Coaching Course Package:

  • 60-Day Access to the Financial Acumen Course® (Full Version) (14.5 hours of instruction).  ($150 value)
  • 60-Day Access to the Partnering-In-Success™ Course (1.75 hours of instruction).  ($19 value)
  • The Debt & Wealth Coach™ Entrepreneurship Course (11.75 hours of instruction).  ($250 value)
  • 40 hours of structured, personalized business coaching from a PSG Certified Coach/Mentor.  ($2400 min value)
  • Business registration, tools & resources for PSG Debt Resolution Agents or PSG Certified Facilitators.  ($300 min)
  • Hard-Copy, professionally printed & bound manuals.  ($240 value)
  • Total Minimum Value of this package: $3359.

(To purchase the Debt & Wealth Coach Course ONLY, rather than the complete coaching package, click here).

Our Guarantee to You:  Certification as a PSG Coach requires that you meet specific performance criteria, including passing an interview and certification exams with 80% or higher.  Your assigned Coach/Mentor will train you, and help you prepare for your interview and exams.   If you fail to meet the exam criteria, you will be provided with additional coaching and training, and allowed a re-take attempt.  If you fail to meet the interview criteria or fail to meet the certification exam criteria a second time, your assigned PSG Certified Coach/Mentor will alternatively assist you in starting your business venture in any of 14+ different markets as a Prosperity Momentum Team (PMT) entrepreneur or PSG Debt Resolution Agent.  This ensures that you are guaranteed a business venture startup and receive more value than what you pay for the PSG Coaching Package.


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