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Simple cash flow? Create an enterprise? We'll meet you where you are.

Social distancing? Health concerns? No problem. Work from home!

Mompreneur? Stay-at-home Dad? Perfect! We have earning options for you!

No capital to start a business? That's why we're here! We'll get your on your way!

Want to build independently? Want to build as part of a team? You can do either!

Need training to become an expert? We provide 25+ hours of free training!

Have the entrepreneurial spirit, but not sure where to start? You'll have a Coach!

Credibility? You'll be PSG badged, credentialed, and certified. You'll earn it!

Time for a change? If you're SERIOUS, stop making excuses! What's stopping you?

If not now when


Build a Supplemental Income Stream.

Earn “Thank-You” Payments™ by Referring Clients To PSG
As a PSG Partner-In-Success™, or Become a PSG Consultant

Thank You Payment

Unlike Any Other Partner Program!

If you have ever participated in an affiliate program before, you’re well aware that it takes a crazy amount of work to earn any money in them.  They also require some tech-savvy computer skills to post self-serving links on websites, blogs, social media, and so on.  For what?  …Typically a one-time payout of something around 10% or so when you make a sale.  And we’ve just described what our program is NOT.  Let’s be more specific:

Our Partnering-In-Success™ Program is NOT like any affiliate program you’ve ever seen.


  • It does not require a significant amount of work.  It only requires 20-30 minutes per day.
  • You do not need to be technically-inclined or computer savvy.  It’s largely word-of-mouth, conversational.
  • You earn up to 35% in profit-sharing when a client makes a purchase.
  • Rather than one-time payments, we’ve created a system to pay residual payments for subsequent referrals resulting from your original referrals.
  • And, a big distinction, YOU don’t sell anything.  We do all the “heavy lifting” and PSG Coaches take care of sales and service to the customers.
  • YOU simply get paid for sharing helpful information with people.

We’ve made our program super-simple to follow.  How?  You already do it everyday!  (You’re just not getting paid for it yet).

Once you’re enrolled in the PS Program, we provide you with a unique coupon code and other resources that you can share with people.  Everyone talks about money in one way, shape or form.  For example, they’ll mention

PSG Sample Coupon

  • an expensive vacation they took, or one that they can’t afford to take;
  • the need to save up money, or the need to earn more money;
  • the cost of education, the new car they financed, the house they want to buy, or how the interest on credit cards is choking their cash flow; or
  • the amount of money they pay on debt, and how it prevents them from saving towards retirement.

One thing is for sure: people have “money problems” and they’re none-too-bashful complaining about it.  Sometimes they’re just looking to commiserate.  Other times, they’re searching for a way to get out of debt and fix the situation.

All you have to do is tell them about us and point them in our direction.  We take care of the rest from there.  Oh, and you can save them some money on the tuition cost of The Financial Acumen Course® by offering your coupon code, just to be helpful.  They save, you earn, and their assigned PSG Certified Coach takes care of their needs.  If we can help them, you will earn up to $300 per referral for simply pointing them our way as a Partner-In-Success.

Thank You Payments

If you use Facebook, you have even more options.  Don’t worry, we don’t want you to spam your friends and family with annoying solicitations.  Just do what you already do, and work in a post or two that we provide to you.  What are the posts about?  The same things you already likely post about every day: pets, kids, TV shows, travel, trivia, memes, and life-in-general.  But we don’t want to make you learn something new, get creative, or have to think too hard to make money– so we provide a daily checklist of what to post.  (Yes, you just copy and paste non-spammy content that we’ve already created, then when someone comes our way, we pay you “Thank-You” Payments for the referral).

Partnering-in-Success CourseVisit our Partnering-In-Success Course Page to learn more and to watch a preview video of the PS Program™ to get more information.  “Thank-You” payments are likely the easiest “free money” you’ll ever earn, just by being helpful and sociable.

It’s completely free to join our Partnering-In-Success Program.  The course is optional, but highly recommended to obtain a better understanding of using social media for business.  We want you to earn money, so we’ve done everything we can to help you succeed!  Apply today!

Here are the three documents you’ll need to join the PS Program:

PS AgreementPSG-50 Download W-9 Form

Partnering-In-Success™ Application Submission

To start your new income stream earning “Thank-You” Payments, submit your Partnering-In-Success Agreement and W-9 Form using the form below, and mail your Profile Photo & Media Release form (PSG-50) along with your profile picture (per the instructions on the paper form) to the address indicated.  Please be sure to let us know the best time to contact you.

For the documents you submit using our online form, you can scan them as a PDF attachment, or take pictures with your smartphone or tablet, and attach them as a JPG or PNG image.  (5MB max file size).  Alternatively, you can email your attachments to

    Become a PSG Debt-Payoff Consultant

     If you’re looking for work to earn some money but don’t want to answer to a “boss”, becoming a PSG Debt-Payoff Consultant might be the right choice for you.  An estimated 80% of U.S. households are in some kind of long-term debt.  They could certainly use your help in sharing how to work towards becoming debt-free!

    PSG Debt-Payoff Consultant

    We have the tools, resources, and education assets to help them achieve a debt-free life.  Part of their process in reducing their debt is to do a payoff analysis and provide them with a free savings report.  If you would like to work as your own boss but get paid for helping people become debt-free, The Prosperity Solutions Group will pay you for sharing financial literacy and algorithm-based debt-payoff software when a prospective customer becomes a paying Client.

    In addition to being a great income source, becoming a PSG Consultant is ideal for financial professionals who want to add a higher level of service to their existing clientele:

      • Bankruptcy, Estate, etc. Attorneys
      • Certified Financial Planners (CFPs)
      • Certified Public Accountants (CPAs)
      • Insurance Brokers and Agents
      • Investment Brokers
      • Mortgage Loan Officers and Brokers
      • Non-Profit Organization Staff offering financial guidance
      • Tax Preparers
      • Real Estate Brokers and Agents
      • Social Workers who provide financial guidance
      • and many more.

    Sharing Economy

    As a PSG Consultant, you will interact directly with your prospects in a win-win relationship to offer them a faster path to financial freedom.  You’ll be able to produce their analysis, consult with them about their debt-payoff plan, and add value that other financial professionals do not have available.

    How is this different from our Partnering-In-Success™ Program?   Partners-In-Success are affiliates who get paid simply for referring clients to PSG without interacting with them in any further capacity.  As a PSG Debt-Payoff Consultant, you will have access to a web-based portal and analysis tools to produce and review savings reports for prospective customers.  If a prospective customer becomes a PSG debt-payoff Client who gets started with algorithm-based software, PSG will pay you a commission of up to $650 for each of your first four sales and up to $1,000 for each sale thereafter.

    Analysis Report

    PSG Debt-Payoff Consultants also earn “Thank-You” Payments™ for referrals who enroll in The Financial Acumen Course®.  Part of our emphasis in solving widespread debt problems is to promote financial literacy, better money habits, and a household economics skillset for our clients.  When they enroll in The Financial Acumen Course, they’ll learn about budgeting, saving, cost-cutting, interest strategies, consumer protection, credit report management, and more.  As their consultant, you will earn up to $30 in tuition-sharing while also saving them up to $30 off of the course.  It’s a Win-Win!  

    PSG Debt-Payoff Consultants attend a 3-part Live Master Class series (online) to receive training on the web functionality and analysis process.

    To obtain and submit an application to become a PSG Debt-Payoff Consultant, click on the form image below to download it, then submit the completed form to PSG via the online web form at the bottom of this section.

    Application Form

    PSG Debt-Payoff Consultant Application

    Once you have completed the PSG-370 Application Form, please submit it as an attachment using the online web form below.  You can scan it as a PDF to attach it, or take a picture of it with your smartphone or tablet, and attach it as a JPG or PNG image.  (5MB max file size).


      Build multiple income streams and an asset.

      Earn “Thank-You” Payments, Profit-Sharing, and/or Commissions
      Through Owning Your Own Business

      Exploring Your Startup Opportunities

      Entrepreneurship can be one of the most fulfilling and rewarding experiences of a lifetime.  No one can limit your potential when you’re your own boss!

      Thumbs Up

      When we help entrepreneurs begin a venture, our focus spans beyond “making money”.  We want you to find your niche within your venture type– something that excites you and you love doing.  Otherwise your experience becomes more drudgery than productivity.  And nobody enjoys that.  If you don’t love it, you won’t build it.


      In The Financial Acumen Course®, we explore nine different venture types: Affiliate Programs, Franchises, Home-Based Businesses, Peer-to-Peer Lending, Recurring Services, Rental Income, Royalty Income, Social Media/Blogs/Vlogs, and Investor Income.

      Each of these venture models has options to produce linear income as well as residual income.  (For example, a real estate investor can earn linear income buying and “flipping” houses, or they can earn residual income with rental properties).  Consistent with working towards future financial security and early retirement, our venture coaches focus mainly on producing residual income aspects of venture opportunities.

      Salon Business OwnerThere are several specialty markets within each venture opportunity.  (For example, within the venture type of Recurring Services, there are niche markets in web-related specialties such as website design, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, social media marketing, website hosting, etc.)  A business model within a given venture opportunity might include just one or perhaps several niche markets.  Website design would be an example of linear income, where there is a finite relationship between work performed and income received.  Website hosting would be an example of residual income, where the customer makes monthly ongoing payments once they are onboard, with no additional work performed for the income received.  Residual income is what allows you to build financial security and ultimately retire with a consistent, stable income source.

      There are a lot of options to explore if you want to start your own business.  It’s one thing to act on the idea of being an entrepreneur.  It’s another thing, entirely, to navigate through all of the considerations, administration, logistics, and challenges along the way on the path to success.  That’s where we come in.  Our coaches have “been there, done that, check-in-the-box, got the T-shirt.”  And they are ready to help you at no cost.  That’s right… free to you.

      Right about now, the negative person or pessimist might be thinking, “That’s too good to be true!”

      Meanwhile, the positive person is thinking, “That’s too good to pass up!”


      If you have taken and completed The Financial Acumen Course, you have likely already done a risk-aversion analysis, a SWOT analysis, a goal plan, etc, and narrowed your entrepreneur venture interests down to one or two venture types and/or markets.  If that’s the case, please submit the form below and attach the “My Venture Fine Tuning Worksheet” (PSG-11 Form) from the course.  This will give us the ability to pair you with a success coach best suited to help you with your specialized interests.  If you have not yet taken The Financial Acumen Course, we highly recommend it.

      In either case, please submit the form below and tell us about your venture interests and income goals.  A PSG Certified Coach will contact you to help you explore options within the venture type(s) and market(s) that interest you.  In the event that no available coaches are available within the purview you specify, a PSG staff member will reach out to you and communicate referral options to assist you.

      Entrepreneurship Exploration Inquiry

      To learn more about entrepreneurship opportunities and business success coaching, please complete and submit the form below.  You will be assigned a coach who is most experienced and qualified to consult with you on your specialty interests.  Please be sure to let us know the best time to contact you.

      If you have completed The Financial Acumen Course, please attach your PSG-11 Assignment Worksheet to this form.  You can scan it as a PDF to attach it, or take a picture of it with your smartphone or tablet, and attach it as a JPG or PNG image.  (5MB max file size).

        Age Management/Age Reversal Industry
        Automotive Products & Services Industry
        Blogging/Vlogging/Social Media Marketing Industries
        CBD Product Industry
        Child/DayCare Industries
        Clinical Sales Industries
        Cosmetics & Beauty Industry
        Ecommerce, Merchant Accounts, Online Shopping Industries
        Entertainment & Talent Label Industry
        Financial Product & Financial Literacy Industries
        Health, Wellness, Supplements, and Neutriceutical Industries
        Home-Care, Housekeeping, RHI, and Hospitality Industries
        Lawn & Garden Industries
        Management and Consulting Industries
        Pet-related Industries
        Salon and Hair-Care Industries
        Skin Care, Spa Services, Massage Industries
        Website and Digital Marketing Industries
        Weight Loss, Personal Trainer, and Nutrition Industries
        Other- Specify in the text message below.

        Become a PSG Certified Coach

        Business CoachPSG Certified Coaches are entrepreneurs specializing in one or more ventures found in the Business Ventures tab above.  In addition, they have opted to take on the role of coaching other entrepreneurs in similar business ventures, working with profit-sharing arrangements for sales related to their coaching efforts as their entrepreneurial candidates gain experience and success.  PSG’s systemized approach to helping entrepreneurs succeed while meeting customers’ needs makes for a “win-win” for all involved.

        In order to ensure the integrity of the system and maintain ethical standards among the Coach population, we provide formalized, structured training to anyone who qualifies to become a PSG Certified Coach.  We also provide individual coaching to the applicant, but the applicant must meet rigid criteria to earn their certification.  The Debt & Wealth Coach™ Entrepreneurship Course encompasses the certification training into our PSG Financial Literacy and Marketing Program™.

        video callThe benefits to becoming a PSG Certified Coach include free, pre-qualified customer and candidate leads from PSG; profit-sharing of PSG course, webinar, and seminar sales; sales support; infrastructure support; credibility; and intensive business training.  PSG Coaches can elect to be business coaches for other entrepreneurs, or they can additionally work with PSG Debt and Wealth clients once they have earned their certification.

        Business CoachingIn addition to owning a business specializing in one or more of the markets shown in our Entrepreneur Ventures Tab, PSG Certified Coaches are also qualified and eligible to present the financial literacy seminars, webinars and workshop taught by PSG Facilitators.  Customer leads referred to PSG by our Partners-In-Success™ are distributed to PSG Certified Coaches for consultations, products, services, and entrepreneurial candidacy as applicable.  Eligible PSG Coaches who excel in business development and performance may pursue further opportunities to become PSG Certified Mentors.


        Owning your own business and certifying as a PSG Coach means that you have a support structure to help you grow, while your efforts help other people grow.  You will receive extensive training in social media; a checklist-based system of tools and resources to define the path to your own success while helping others; and built-in sales funnels to pre-qualify customers, clients, and candidates for you to assist.  Students who attend the Financial Acumen Course will be assigned to you for further consultation.  Referrals from PSG’s Partners-In-Success™ will be distributed to you.  Attendees of seminars and workshops taught by PSG Certified Facilitators will be assigned to you.  Random leads from social media inquiries will be assigned to you.  And if you become a PSG Certified Mentor, people who respond to paid advertising on Google, Facebook, radio ads, etc. will be distributed to you.  Your role as a Coach is to “meet them where the are” in their financial or entrepreneurship journey, help them grow, manage their progress, and build businesses with synergy.

        Debt & Wealth CourseWe provide a turnkey system for your success via the PSG Financial Literacy and Marketing Program™.  You own your own business, set your own hours, be your own boss, make your own decisions, and work from home.  Contact us to day to register your business and embark on your venture as a PSG Certified Coach!

        To obtain and submit an application to become a PSG Certified Coach, click on the form image below to download it, then submit the completed form to PSG via the online web form at the bottom of this section.

        Application Form

        PSG Certified Coach Application Submission

        Once you have completed the PSG-370 Application Form, please submit it as an attachment using the online web form below.  You can scan it as a PDF to attach it, or take a picture of it with your smartphone or tablet, and attach it as a JPG or PNG image.  (5MB max file size).

          Become a PSG Certified Facilitator

          Some entrepreneurs want the freedom and independence of being their own boss, but the thought of owning a traditional or home-based business doesn’t appeal to them.  If you aren’t interested in team-building or working with product/service sales, there’s another option PSG offers that may help you find your niche: Teaching.

          Financial Literacy

          There is no shortage of demand for financial literacy in today’s economy.  People need the information taught in The Financial Acumen Course®.  They need to find a better way for themselves to get out of debt and prepare for retirement.  So The Prosperity Solutions Group® created an awareness program to help people learn better financial habits, develop household money skills, and work towards achieving the lifestyles they want.  And we pay our team of PSG Certified Facilitators to deliver the message.

          Teach moneyPSG Facilitators teach seminars, webinars, and workshops to our customers.  The basis of the sessions is The Financial Acumen Course, but the material is taught in our Life After Debt presentation.  If you enjoy public speaking, teaching and training, becoming a PSG Certified Facilitator may be the right choice for you.  You sell nothing.  You simply teach money concepts and financial habits from the front of the room or via website sessions.  When the session is over, your work is done.  You decide when, where, and who to train. 

          FacilitatorFor fee-based trainings, PSG profit-shares the tuition, registration fees, or ticket sales with you.  You earn 20% of the net proceeds.  The attendees of your sessions are assigned to various PSG Coaches for further assistance with their specific needs, and you earn “Thank-You” Payments™ for resulting products or services the respective Coaches provide.  You can deliver keynote presentations to local audiences in your area as a speaker at civic group events.  In some cases, PSG will coordinate the logistics for larger seminar events at colleges/universities, military base communities, corporate events, conventions, etc. with you as the featured speaker.  For PSG-sponsored events, all expenses (travel, lodging, meals, etc.) are all-expenses-paid by PSG.  You simply go, teach, return, and get paid.

          To sum it up, as a PSG Facilitator, you earn linear income from the paid events you teach, and you develop residual income from the ongoing profit-sharing sales made by the PSG Coaches who work with your event attendees.

          DW Coaching ManualIn order to be eligible to become a PSG Certified Facilitator, you must take the same training as PSG Certified Coaches, so you are immersed in the material and aware of the information you will be teaching.  But the management and administration of your business is much simpler than that of a PSG Coach, since you won’t be involved in retail and business development operations.

          To obtain and submit an application to become a PSG Certified Facilitator, click on the form image below to download it, then submit the completed form to PSG via the online web form at the bottom of this section.

          Application Form

          PSG Certified Coach Facilitator Application

          Once you have completed the PSG-370 Application Form, please submit it as an attachment using the online web form below.  You can scan it as a PDF to attach it, or take a picture of it with your smartphone or tablet, and attach it as a JPG or PNG image.  (5MB max file size).

            DISCLOSURE STATEMENT:  The Prosperity Solutions Group® (PSG) is a division of Top Tier Business Systems, LLC® (TTBS).  TTBS (and PSG) are independent and exclusive of any other company or enterprise.  Partners-In-Success™ and PSG Certified Facilitators™ are directly affiliated with, and compensated by, PSG as independent contractors.  PSG Certified Coaches and Mentors are independently vetted and contracted by The Prosperity Solutions Group through the Debt & Wealth Coach™ Entrepreneurship Course.  PSG Certified Coaches and Mentors own businesses independently of TTBS and PSG.  PSG does not directly provide or retail products or services in of the 14+ markets represented by Coaches and Mentors.  Rather, PSG brokers the relationship between our customers who seek the products/services/venture opportunities and our Coaches who independently provide those products/services/venture opportunities.  For quality assurance purposes and to maintain the integrity of PSG’s system, PSG maintains visibility and monitoring of all transactions involving joint PSG/Coach customers.  PSG is not a network marketing company in the direct sales industry and therefore does not recruit or sponsor individuals.  Doing so would be a conflict-of-interests with our primary mission, vision, and guiding principles.