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Debt & Wealth Coach™ Entrepreneurship Course

About This Course


Welcome to the Debt & Wealth Coach™ Entrepreneurship Course.  This course is an entrepreneurial “boot camp” to train and certify you as a Prosperity Solutions Group® Coach, Facilitator, or Mentor.

This course is for individual entrepreneurs who want to help people get out of debt, secure their retirement, build wealth, and/or embark on a business venture of their own.  We have a proven system of “training the trainers”, and helping entrepreneurs develop synergy.

To be a coach, you have to know the material and demonstrate proficiency teaching it first.  This course is part of the process.  Upon completing your certification as a PSG Coach, you will be well equipped to do the following:

  • Be a confident, competent business owner, yourself, with a support system
  • Help your clients get out of debt, develop new money habits, and secure their financial futures
  • Coach entrepreneurship candidates in any of 14+ diversified markets
  • Teach public seminars, webinars, and workshops to leverage your time in promoting your clients’ and candidates’ success, while ensuring your own.

All lessons are fully narrated, conversationally.  What does that mean?  The information is presented with illustrations and explanations with a “fireside chat” feel, not as “academic lectures“.  The 300-page manual and workbook that accompanies this course is an essential coaching reference source that follows along with the video lessons.


Module 1:

Purpose and Flow of the PSG Financial Literacy and Marketing Program™
Rules, Standards, and Eligibility Criteria
How to Conduct Business Using Our System
Customer Management
Algorithm-Based Software
Client & Business Consulting, and Venture Development
Marketing and Branding
Dovetailing Our System to Promote Your Business
How the PSG System Works (A behind-the-curtain look)

Module 2: 

Getting Started with Your Venture – Admin and Paperwork
Coaching Binder – Putting It Together and Using It
Your Online PSG Calendar – Setting It Up and Using It
Seminar and Webinar Events – Setting Up & Presenting
Cash Flow, Bookkeeping & Taxes – Profit-Sharing , Income & Deductions
Becoming a Mentor – The Details of Mentoring (Coaching the Coaches)

 This course makes use of ALL of the manuals and workbooks at your disposal:

  • The Financial Acumen Course® Workbook (97 Pages)
  • The Partnering-In-Success™ Marketing Manual & Workbook (186 Pages)
  • The Debt & Wealth Coach™ Entrepreneurship Manual (310 Pages)
  • The Coaches Notebook (Printed and constructed as part of the course) (292 Pages)

This course is very different than our other three.  In this course, we teach you a structured, systemized way to become a successful business owner.

  • You will not only know what to do, but we explain all of the reasons why you do them.
  • We then teach you how to teach the materials, concepts, systems, and program to others so you can coach them effectively.

There is a big difference between knowing how, what, and why− and knowing how to teach it.  This course covers all of it.

We leave nothing to chance.  In the structure and systemization of being a coach, you have all the tools you need for working with students, clients, candidates, customers, affiliates, and general leads.  Each category has a respective section in your Coach’s Notebook, complete with instructions of what to do every step of the way.

We provide a totally turnkey system.  All you have to do is follow it to success!

Upon enrolling in this course, the course remains available for a full 365 days.