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The Prosperity Solutions Group (PSG) is a division of Top Tier Business Systems, LLC. (TTBS) which administers an educational program to help businesses and individuals strategically pay off debt quickly. Our Financial Acumen Course is designed in modules to stay up-to-date with the latest financial trends, data, and information. The Partnership in Success Course is part of our Affiliate Pro Partner program in which Affiliate Pro Partners earn “Thank You” Payments for referrals who attend the Financial Acumen Course receive help getting set up with algorithm-base debt-payoff software through qualified, certified independent consultants.

Our Debt and Wealth Coach Entrepreneurship Course is for individuals who want to systemize and leverage their income beyond affiliate “Thank You” payments and who want to create a business asset that can be built to produce a residual retirement income. This class teaches the Prosperity Solutions Group entrepreneurship curriculum to individuals who become members of the Prosperity Momentum Team (PMT) and who otherwise qualify to become certified coaches. Please note, acceptance into the coaching and mentor program is not guaranteed. It is dependent upon meeting business performance and qualification standards. This course is administered free-of-charge to qualified individuals, and the end-of-course exam must be completed with an 80% score for coaches, and a 90% score for Mentors. Ongoing recertification is required to maintain coach and mentor status with the PSG curriculum.

The Debt and Wealth Coach Entrepreneurship Course contains the following modules:

  • Module 1- Our Program, PSG Facilitators, Coaches, Mentors, and the System
  • Module 2- Administration and Management