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IMPORTANT NOTE:  Your courses will NOT work with Microsoft’s Internet Explorer.  The most common issue is the “Mark Complete” button will not allow you to progress through the course.  Please use Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or Apple Safari to take your courses.

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Important Note:  To receive your course completion certificate, ALL lessons, assignments, and quizzes must be completed within the course.  Each step is indicated by a gray dot in the course progression.  As lessons, assignments and quizzes are completed, the gray dots will become green.  If you feel you have completed a course but no certificate is available to you, review each module and lesson to ensure all of the course progression dots are green.  Click on any remaining gray dots and complete those sections.  Once all course progression dots are green, your certificate will be issued with a unique, verifiable serial number and date.

Printing Your Certificates:  If you print course or test certificates directly from your web browser, they may not print at full-size. To print full-size, display your certificate on the screen, click the download button (instead of the print button), and then print the downloaded copy of your certificate.



NOTE: The first time you log into a course account, you will need to complete your user profile for the account.  Your course certificate(s) will be generated using the information from your profile form.  Subsequent logins to the same account will not require you to fill out the profile form.

USERNAMES and PASSWORDS:  Your Username and Password are pre-assigned to your account.  Your will find your username and password on the bottom of your order confirmation email.

LOGIN TROUBLES:  If you have trouble or get an error trying to log in, CLEAR YOUR BROWSER’S COOKIES and try again.  99.9% of the time, this fixes any issue by ensuring a fresh login session.

CheckALWAYS Log In Using the Pre-Assigned Username and Password found on your “Order Completed” email.
Please DO NOT USE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS as your login name.  It will not allow you to log in.
Your password cannot be changed from what was assigned.


If you have trouble logging in (i.e., the system doesn’t accept your pre-assigned username & password),
clear your browser’s cookies (in your privacy settings) to ensure a fresh session.