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About The Prosperity Solutions Group®

Hi.  We’re The Prosperity Solutions Group, or just “PSG” for short.

We’re here to help people and businesses improve their financial picture– to get “money smart”.  Think about it for a moment:

  • Do you carry any debt?  (A mortgage, credit cards, car loan, student loans, etc)
  • Are your investments secure and stable enough for your retirement?
  • Would your lifestyle be different if your debts were paid-in-full?
  • Does your retirement plan involve “saving up” so later you can “spend down”?
  • Are you financially prepared for emergencies like the 2007 housing crash or COVID-19 economic impact?

Whether you realize it or not, in most cases you are in a position to improve your current financial picture without increasing your income or going without…  That is, IF you know how.  We’ll teach you how.  That’s what we do.

If you also want to add one or more streams of income to your household to speed up the process, we’ll show you how to do that, too.

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PSG LogoThe Prosperity Solutions Group® is a division of Top Tier Business Systems, LLC®, a Pennsylvania-based company established in 2016 specializing in business, household, and entrepreneurial interests.  PSG is chartered to provide consumers and business owners with financial literacy, as well as manual and automated, fastest-path-possible financial methods to become debt-free and build wealth.

Out of DebtMost consumers and business owners struggle with some kind of debt.  Even those who eliminate their debts can benefit from support via tools and resources to improve cash flow and increase wealth (or profitability).

One household or business at a time, we help individuals improve their quality of life by providing tools, resources, education and the financial foresight to empower them to manage their financial future.

We teach people how to build efficiencies into their day-to-day routines, empowering them to save money, become debt-free, and create a healthy, wealthy lifestyle for themselves.

Other debt payoff systems, some of them very popular, outwardly appear simple-to-follow because they take a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all approach to helping people become debt free.  Although it may sound simple enough to take baby steps in following such programs, such programs are like fad diets in financial self-deprivation.  They work for some people, but in the bigger picture most people only stick to such plans for a short period of time.

Debt Payoff Analysis

We recognize that for a debt payoff plan to be effective, it has to be customized uniquely to the financial lifestyle and household using it.  We’ve managed to keep things simple with a “Learn, Plan, Do” approach to financial freedom and retirement planning, but in a way that is flexible enough to be sustainable under realistic and changing circumstances.

Our systemized approach to becoming debt-free and building a secure retirement doesn’t take a “scorched earth” approach to spending.  Instead, it simply adjusts the direction of your household’s cash flow to work more efficiently with proven strategies to make your money work harder for you.  In other words, you can still have your morning latte.

There’s no “catch” or gimmicks.  You do not have to refinance.  You don’t consolidate your debt.  It’s not a debt roll-down program using cute terms like “debt avalanche” or “debt snowball”.  Our program doesn’t involve debt forgiveness, debt settlement, debt mitigation schemes, or anything that would hurt your credit rating.  We simply teach you to bank like a bank, making strategic moves with your money, empowering you to do more with less.  And your specific financial plan can be updated real-time, 24/7 automatically…  so you don’t even have to think.  Just follow the instructions of your Debt Payoff and Savings Plan.

Debt Payoff

Our business ethics and standards of conduct are consistent with maintaining a fiduciary responsibility to our clients and customers.  As a matter of company policy, PSG Certified Facilitators, Coaches, and Mentors always place our clients’ best interests ahead of their own.  We do not share or sell your information.  We keep your financial details private and confidential.

We simply provide a financial education, coaching and power tools to get the job done so you can enjoy a debt-free lifestyle and secure retirement.  With our debt payoff and coaching program, you will know (to the day) when you’ll be paid off, and how much money (to the penny) you will save in interest that you’ll never have to pay.

The Financial Acumen CourseCourse #1The Financial Acumen Course®.  This course teaches attendees about money, debt, and wealth building. It’s information that isn’t taught in school, but (in our opinion) should be.  Learn strategies to pay down debts faster by manual, spreadsheet, or algorithm-based programs; and learn how to convert existing household expenses into income sources to save money towards a secure retirement.  You’ll learn practical ways to get ahead financially using resources you already have and money you already spend, without making dramatic changes to your lifestyle or giving up your morning latte.

The Partnering-In-Success CourseCourse #2Partnering in Success Course.  This course teaches a systemized approach to earning and includes concepts of Internet and Social Media Marketing to build an additional income stream venture without having to start a business, sell products or services, or otherwise get out of your comfort zone.  Our Partnering In Success program is a free way to earn ongoing referral “Thank You” Payments for introducing people who we help become debt-free and/or build their entrepreneurial venture in any of 14 prominent markets.  This course isn’t required to participate in the program, but it provides the training, tools, and path for success…  So we strongly suggest you take it if you’re a Partner In Success.  (And you can apply the included social media training to help you brand yourself, expand your reach, and become an influencer in ANY other business venture you pursue).

Debt & Wealth Coach Entrepreneurship CourseCourse #3Debt & Wealth Coach Entrepreneurship Course.  This course teaches principles in success for entrepreneurs and business owners, and it comes with individualized coaching to help you achieve success in your venture.  (Prerequisites: Course #1 and Course #2, and interview approval).  Experience success in your business venture with us.  Get training on providing solutions to clients and entrepreneurial candidates.  Learn how to provide meaningful financial literacy consultations & venture success coaching.  And master business building strategies.  This course is required for all PSG Facilitators, Coaches and Mentors.

Learn more about our courses by visiting our PSG Courses Page.

ID BadgeGetting certified as a PSG Facilitator, Coach or Mentor is not easy.  It requires demonstrated proficiency and experience.  Just ask one of them what’s involved.  They’ll tell you about it.  But they’ll also tell you how rewarding and fulfilling it is to help people become financially independent and/or successful in business.

PSG Certified Facilitators are our training team.  They present webinars, seminars, and workshops to teach financial literacy.  We pay them to promote awareness, education, and hands-on mastery of good money habits.

PSG Certified Coaches are qualified to teach the material presented by our Facilitators, but they also work individually with our clients.  They are credentialed to help students benefit from The Financial Acumen Course; provide debt-payoff coaching; and guide entrepreneurs through the exploration and business startup process in a variety of markets.

PSG Certified Mentors are experienced PSG Coaches who have demonstrated consistent excellence, met higher eligibility criteria, and been chosen to “train the trainers” by fulfilling a leadership and management role within The Prosperity Solutions Group.

PSG CertifiedIn order to earn their certification, Facilitators, Coaches and Mentors receive dozens of hours of training, including more than six hours of testing, multiple interviews, public speaking auditions, and supervised/evaluated client interactions.  Once they’re PSG Certified, you can be sure that they are well-prepared, equipped, and seasoned to fulfill their role helping people become debt free and/or build a secure retirement income.

Learn more about our Facilitator and Coaching opportunities by visiting our Coaching Page.

Partnering In SuccessThe PSG Partnering-In-Success™ system is our answer to typical referral programs.  Most affiliate programs require concerted effort to build an income.  Ours is different.

As a Partner-In-Success, you can be accidentally successful.  We have done all of the “heavy lifting” for you so there is no thinking or creativity involved on your part.  As people talk about life-in-general and the topic of “money” or “debt” comes up, you simply mention The Financial Acumen Course to them, give them a coupon code to save them some money, and we do the rest from there.  When someone enrolls in the course, we say “Thanks” to you in dollars with a “Thank-You” Payment™.

You can take it a step further by chatting about us on social media.  We developed a checklist system for marketing on Facebook without being “spammy” or exploiting your relationships.  If you follow our system, your influence grows, we can track new clients back to you, and we pay you referral “Thank-You” Payments for those as well.

Thank You Payment

Afterwards, if one of your referrals likes the course and recommends it to someone they know, we track every client to their original source (you).  We pay you for those relayed referrals, as well, even though you’ve never met them.  There’s no other referral program that works like ours.  Our referral program can produce a residual income to you via subsequent referrals.

The best part:  Becoming a Partner-In-Success is free.  There’s no selling involved, just sharing by word-of-mouth.  Pure and simple, you just point people in our direction for coaching and education, and if our services turn out to be a good fit for them, you earn money for being helpful.

Check out The Partnering-In-Success Page to learn more.

First, let’s define it.  What is “algorithm-based software“?  Simply stated, it’s a program that uses artificial intelligence to make decisions based on information and data.

Financial GPSThink of a GPS, for example.  If you’re using a GPS to help you navigate, an algorithm checks to see what roads get you from point A to point B, then the GPS displays the path to your destination by choosing the most direct path.  The GPS can get a little more sophisticated with a more complex set of algorithms that lets you choose between the most direct path based on shortest distance (a condition), or the fastest path based on shortest travel time using speed limit data for each segment (another condition).  In order to do that, the GPS needs to measure mileage to determine distance, and it has to compare other paths based on speed limits for each stretch of road to determine shortest time.  Sometimes a longer distance along the highway will be faster than a shorter distance on slower backroads.

A really, super-capable GPS can use even more complex algorithms, making real-time adjustments to your selected route based on your actual travel speed (rather than posted speed limit data), and actual traffic conditions (taking into account road construction, traffic jams, accidents, etc.).  It can automatically update your path in the midst of changing, real-time circumstances as you travel.  If you take a wrong turn or decide to detour off the planned route, the GPS recognizes the change and automatically re-adjusts your directions to get you back on track based on the current conditions at that moment.

Our Debt & Wealth Coaches use algorithm-based financial software to help clients become debt-free and build a secure retirement.  The client’s financial picture is entered into the program.  The algorithms within the program look at how much debt they have to pay off… sort of like “reaching their destination”.  Then the program looks at the total number of debts to pay off (sort of like all of the available roads and side roads to get to the destination)… and all of the different types of debts that make up those roads and side roads, because some debts are like highways, some are like two-lane blacktop country roads, and others are like dirt or gravel roads that may appear to be more direct on a map, but in reality they’re a lot slower to travel.  Then the algorithm-based software chooses the path that gets to zero debt the fastest by considering the client’s financial “road conditions” and mathematical principal-to-interest ratio “travel speeds” along each stretch of those roads.Financial Destination

The program makes real-time adjustments along the way to their debt-free destination.  If the client has to detour because of an unplanned purchase, unexpected expense, or a change in income (which we’ll call “wrong turns”, “accidents” or “road construction”) … the software recomputes their fastest-path to zero debt and updates their driving directions.

Get more details on how it works by visiting our Financial GPS Page.