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Welcome to

The Prosperity Solutions Group®

We are here to help you in (any or all of) three specific ways:

  • Improve your financial literacy, learn about money, get out of debt quickly via strategic debt-payoff planning, and prepare for a secure retirement.
  • Improve your household’s cash flow via budgeting strategies, cost savings, and/or added income streams.
  • Success coaching, exploring venture options and entrepreneurship interests, and/or starting a business.

We provide courses for each of these three purposes, respectively.  Click the “View our Courses” button to learn more.  Along with what you’ll learn in our online classes, we will assign you an experienced, PSG Certified business coach to guide you along the way.  Our coaching services are free to you.


This is our learning course about money.  Learn practical, proven, hands-on ways to get out of debt fast, save money, and add supplemental streams of income to your household’s cash flow.

Financial Literacy

Money skills that aren't taught in school.

Proven Debt Payoff Curriculum

Strategies that pay off debts fast!

Cash flow and Income Enhancements

Risk-free and cost-free ways to earn income.

Tools and Resources

Free downloadable hands-on tools.

Venture and Retirement Planning

How-To strategies on budgeting, earning & saving.

Customized Debt-Payoff & Wealth Plan

Your complete debt-payoff & savings report.

Life-Changing without Sacrificing

Become debt-free. Keep your morning latte.
Most Popular
PS Manual

This is our earning course about money.  Get paid for your word-of-mouth and social media referrals to The Financial Acumen Course and our financial success & coaching services.

No-Cost Venture

Earn money with no outlay on your part.

A No-Risk Opportunity

You have nothing to lose. Earn without risk.

A Proven, Structured System

Nothing is left to chance. It's a system.

Passive, Supplemental Income

Earn more over time with no additional effort.

Learn Valuable Social Media Skills

Key marketing skills for any business.

It's Free Money

We do the work for you. You get paid.

Simple and Easy, Just 30 Minutes Daily

No thinking. No creating. No studying. Just do it!
Value Added
PSG D&W Coach Manual

This is our owning course about money.  Become a PSG Debt Resolution Agent, PSG Facilitator, or PSG Certified Debt & Wealth Coach.  Own a business getting paid to consult and help others.

Start a Consulting/Coaching Business

Get paid to enrich the lives of others.

Diversification for Today's Economy

Specialize in any of 14+ different markets.

A Turnkey System for Success

Daily checklists ensure personal success.

Management Tools Included

We provide free online and hands-on tools.

Mentorship and Training Included

65+ hours of structured success coaching.

Be Your Own Boss

Build your entrepreneurial business asset.

Create a Recession-Proof Retirement

Build your secure retirement in 3 to 5 years.
Change Lives